Nuts about Oats (gluten and dairy free – not paleo)

Homemade Oat Flour and Pancake/Waffle Mix (gluten and dairy free – not paleo)

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Welcome to mid-week posts.  These will be food facts, basic recipes, product evaluations, cookbook reviews, and anything else I think will be of interest to you.

Today’s post is about oats – oat flour to be exact.  As I experiment with wheat-free, gluten-free baking I’m finding oats to be my real go-to ingredient and since oats and oat flour will be making regular appearances here I thought this is a good time to share some info with you.

For gluten-free readers, let me start by saying that oats are gluten-free.  There is some debate or maybe much debate on the subject, but the fact remains that oats do not contain gluten.  Here are the two problems:

Some people are allergic or sensitive to oats  in addition to wheat.  This is something one tends to learn by trial and error.

Contamination.  Oat fields are usually planted near wheat fields and due to weather, harvesting, and production practices, it is not uncommon for some wheat to get mixed in with the oats – and that is why people who cannot tolerate wheat may have reactions to oats.   The good news is that some producers (most notable Bob’s Red Mill) do isolate oat crops from wheat and process them separately, making it possible to buy gluten-free oat products.

OAT FLOUR is just ground up oats.  If you have oatmeal, a blender or food processor, and a strainer in your  house, you have all you need to make oat flour.   I use oat flour for baking and cooking instead of “gluten-free all purpose flour” because I love the fact that it is just one ingredient, has no added starches or gums, and is made of something I heard of before I became wheat-free.

Now before I give you the recipe for oat flour I feel obliged to issue this Graphic WARNING: (more…)

Delicious Oat Pancakes (gluten and dairy free – not paleo)

Delicious Oat Pancakes (gluten and dairy free – not paleo)

Wheat free * Dairy free * Gluten free * Vegetarian * Parve

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Breakfast, what a great way to start a blog.

First let me welcome you and tell you how happy I am you are here checking out my blog.  About 2 years ago I went dairy-free and recently have become wheat free (and a lot of other stuff) as well.  I decided to treat this as an adventure – not a curse.  I have many (MANY) years as a food professional and hope to share my knowledge and experience with you.  I’m finding that the more creative I am with my meals, the less I care about what I am living without – and those things I am missing I hope to recreate – like these pancakes.  I like these because unlike many of the other gluten-free recipes I found, these do not have gum or starch in them.

Please join me on this adventure and feel free to ask questions and leave comments along the way.

Oat Pancakes

Long before I became wheat-free (or even dairy free for that matter) I tasted a bunch of gluten-free pancakes at a food show.  I was singularly impressed with how horrible they were (hopefully over the years the formulas have improved).  These are a whole lot better than those – but more like whole wheat pancakes than those made with white flour.  I’ve tested these pancakes on seven gluten-eating friends and all have loved them.  Enjoy…and let me know what you think.