The philosophy of this blog is: 

If you love what you are eating – you will not miss what you are not eating.

When I sit down to eat what I’ve prepared, I love my food.  It tastes delicious and if I didn’t have to be wheat and dairy-free I would still love these meals.  So, if I just focus on what I am having, I don’t feel deprived in any way.  I hope I can share this with you.

The Blog…

What you will find here are recipes that are all dairy and gluten-free.  Most are  paleo (dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, legume free).  It’s important to me that the foods I eat are made of ingredients I understand and not lists that sound like a chemical factory catalog.  The recipes that appear here will be wholesome, easy to follow, and…DELICIOUS!

About me…

My name is Carol Gelles.  I live in New York City with my adorable dog Bella Bleu Cheese and my cat Roux.  In my pre-blog life I’ve been a food stylist, had a short stint as a caterer, and for the last 20 (or more) years have been a cookbook author (my friends  insist that I insert award-winning here:  Winner of the James Beard and Julia Child awards for my book “1,000 Vegetarian Recipes”).  Now that I am “retired,” whatever that means, I’ve been looking for ways to do something engaging and that I am passionate about.  Blogging seemed to be a natural – I can do what I love:  write recipes and share the knowledge I accumulated over my many years as a food professional.

A word about delicious…since gluten free/paleo are such restrictive regimes it’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “all things considered” when describing  recipes that are a “reach”.  By that I mean recipes that share very few ingredients with the original, non-GF/paleo version of the recipe.  An example of that would be Paleo Fried Rice where cauliflower or some other vegetable is substituted for the rice, and coconut aminos are substituted for the soy sauce.  For these recipes “all things considered” is not so much an insult as a reframing.  Someone who is paleo and tastes Paleo Fried Rice will probably find it perfectly delicious, on the other hand the same recipe tasted by someone who had “real” fried rice just the day before may critique the Paleo version as “all things considered”.  It’s my goal to have as few “all things considered” comments as possible, but in some instances the conversion may be so drastic that it might be unavoidable.  In those instance I will warn you before you start.

Join me on my cooking adventure and remember…

Eating Fabulously is the Best Way to Live Without!

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