Why Mostly?

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Carol Gelles

Right off the bat I want you to know that this blog was started as a wheat-free, dairy-free site (wheatfreedairyfreekitchen.com).  As time went by, I found myself drawn to the Paleo lifestyle and so my recipes changed to reflect that direction, and  I renamed the site Mastering Paleo.  After several years strictly Paleo I have relaxed in to a lifestyle that fits better now.  I’ve reintroduced white rice and some beans – hence MOSTLY Paleo.

What you will find here now are recipes that are paleo (grain free, bean/legume-free, and dairy free) or simply gluten and dairy free.

Many of the recipes will serve two; doubling or halving recipes should work just fine if you need more or less to accommodate your family size.  If I think there will be a problem increasing or decreasing the recipe I will give you a heads up in the headnote.

About me…

My name is Carol Gelles.  I live in New York City with my adorable dog Bella Bleu Cheese and my kitty Roux.

CIMG7708  CIMG7727

In my pre-blog life I’ve been a food stylist, had a short stint as a caterer, and for the last 20 (or more) years have been a cookbook author (my friends  insist that I insert award-winning here:  Winner of the James Beard and Julia Child awards for my book “1,000 Vegetarian Recipes”).  Now that I am “retired,” whatever that means, I’ve been looking for ways to do something engaging and that I am passionate about.  Blogging seemed to be a natural – I can do what I love:  write recipes and share the knowledge I accumulated over my many years as a food professional.

I gave up dairy several years ago when I found I felt ill practically all the time.  Within two weeks I felt human again.  Last year I was told by a naturopath to avoid wheat, msg, beer, and oranges (as well as dairy).  So I looked into wheat-free/gluten-free cooking and baking and found I did not like the ingredients in most recipes and so started developing my own recipes and started this blog as well.

Fast forward 6 months and I’m finding that gluten-free is not making me feel all that much better and started looking into Paleo (grain free, bean free, dairy free, sugar free, processed foods free).  I started feeling great!  Twenty years younger and ache and pain free!

Join me on my cooking adventure and remember…

Eating Fabulously is the Best Way to Live Without!







  1. I’m a commenter here. How do you like that!!! I do hope you’ll have plenty of “meat-a-tarian” recipes!

  2. Cannot contact Sheri Gelles. She left cell in cab or something (cab driver just called me). This is Nina Eben in Seattle. Could you have her contact me?

  3. Carol, I am hosting my book club in June and that includes serving them a meal, one that often goes with the book. I chose, “The Door” by Magda Szabo because I am Hungarian -Croation by heritage and wanted an excuse to show off some Hungarian cooking. One of my book club members is gluten and dairy free. I can make a chicken paprikas with gluten free noodles and a non-dairy sour cream. One of my favorites as a child, aside from palacincta, was turos testa. I have a recipe, but don’t know what I can substitute for the cream cottage cheese and butter. Perhaps, you have some thoughts that might help me?

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