No Potato Home Fries (paleo)

Wheat-free * Dairy-free * Gluten-free * Vegetarian * Vegan * Parve * Paleo


Breakfast is my favorite meal.  I’m happy having breakfast for lunch or dinner or a snack.
When I first started on Paleo, white potatoes were not “legal”.  That was actually my first deviation from strict Paleo.  I thought of the logic of stone age gatherers finding both white and sweet potatoes and throwing away the white ones but consuming the sweet potatoes.  Taking this image to an even more absurd height, I envision the conversation between mates:  “Ugh dear, look what I brought home” and Ugh replying “don’t eat the white one, it’s too high on the glycemic index!”

That being said, you would think I have no objection to everyday home fries…and in fact I don’t, but I was wondering what someone who doesn’t eat white potatoes could do to substitute for home fries.  My answer is jicama and fennel.  YUM!  A good choice even if you do eat white potatoes.


No Potato Home Fries

Use the celery option if you are not a fan of fennel.CIMG2353

1 tablespoon olive oil

3/4 cup chopped onion

2 cups peeled diced jicama

1 cup diced fennel or celery

1 tablespoon chopped parsley or cilantro or dill

Salt and pepper to taste

Heat the oil, over high heat, in a large non-stick skillet. Add the onion and cook, stirring, until softened.

CIMG2319  CIMG2321

Add the jicama and fennel (or celery).


Cook, stirring, until vegetables are slightly browned and are desired doneness.


Add chopped herbs, if using, and stir.

CIMG2329  CIMG2332

Season with salt and pepper.  Put into serving bowl or onto individual plates.


Makes:        2 1/2 cups                               Serves: 3 to 4




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