Stock Up on Great Gluten-free Products

CIMG3502 CIMG3514

Passover is a celebration of freedom from slavery; it’s also a happy time of year for anyone following a gluten free diet.  The dietary rules for Passover exclude grains and beans for the eight days of the holiday.  Companies who cater to the Passover restrictions will alter their products to be compliant with the rules – the result is many more gluten-free products than are usually available.  It’s a time of year to stock up on these items so you can use them year round.

Gluten-free matzoh.  They come plain or onion flavored – I like the onion better, but these are great crackers I love having them year round (I buy about 8 boxes at Passover).   I served this for the first time last year.  My guests at the seder preferred the gluten-free matzoh to the regular one.  Unfortunately, it costs about $12 per box instead of the $3 to $5 for regular matzoh.

Let’s talk noodles.  Although there are plenty of gluten free pastas around, and pasta is a noodle, there are not many noodles.  You might ask what’s the diff?  To me it’s the texture.  Noodles are less dense than pasta and the Passover noodles have very little flavor – which is an asset especially when you are talking about chicken noodle soup (I use the thin noodles for soup)

CIMG3507  CIMG3512

– or kugel (I use the wide noodles for kugel).

CIMG3506  CIMG3512

I think these noodles are so good that they taste just like the ones with gluten in them.

I also found soy sauce that not only is gluten free but is also soy free!

CIMG3514  CIMG3518

And let’s talk Coca Cola…did you know the kosher for Passover coke is made with sugar instead of corn syrup (corn is a grain and not allowed on Passover).  Look for the coke with the yellow caps – I know people who stockpile it this time of year.

So Happy Passover shopping – look for a noodle pudding (kugel) on Tuesday.




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