I Love My Misto – You Should Have One…or Two!


The Duane-Reade a block away from my apartment closed recently and during the last few days had great sales on stuff they wanted to unload.  That is why I actually bought my Mistos.  They were on sales for $1.19 each.  Who could resist?  At worst I could give them as house gifts (thereby violating my rule about never giving gifts the receiver has to keep).  The deal was so great I bought FOUR!  So now you know a little more about my character…I can’t resist a good sale.

Fast forward a few weeks.  I’m busy in the kitchen and am about to reach for olive oil Pam when I remember I had this new gadget to try.  I take my “good” olive oil and fill the sprayer – I press the sprayer and…Nothing!  I’m a little perplexed, is this a total dud?  Did I waste my $4.76?  Now I’m forced to read the instructions (something I rarely do).  It says “pump top cap until firm.”   Huh???


I put the cap on and start pushing  1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8..  I get it.  It doesn’t want to be pushed anymore.  Now I take off the cap and press the sprayer – WOW a really fine mist comes out (wish I had a better camera so you could see it better).


It settles evenly on my baking sheet.  That was easy.

But the question remains was it really worth buying?  I did have Pam why bother with an extra gadget?  Here are the really BIG reasons.

1.  It doesn’t use any chemicals.  I really dislike the smell of aerosoled oil and it always makes me wonder what bad stuff gets in the food (maybe none or maybe – who knows).

2.  You are in control of the quality and type of oil (or vinegar or whatever you want to spray).  I don’t imagine that the corporations that makes aerosol sprays use extra virgin olive oil… I would guess they use olive oil from the second or third pressings.

3.  It’s eco-friendly.

Here are some of the uses I’ve found for it (and I’m sure I will find more uses as I have it longer).

CIMG0287  CIMG9497

Perfect for a light salad dressing – and here is where two Mistos are genius…one for oil and one for vinegar.  4 sprays oil; 8 sprays wine vinegar – excellent!

IMG_5527-001  IMG_0698

Perfect for broiling or roasting potatoes or vegetables…spray the pan or foil, spray the veges.

CIMG1746     058

Perfect to spray the Griddler (post 2 weeks ago) or waffle iron to ensure nothing sticks

CIMG7312  IMG_6188

Perfect for low fat sauteeing.

You can buy the Misto probably anywhere and certainly on Amazon.  I think it’s around $10 and it now comes in very sexy colors.  You can check it out at www.misto.com

Happy Spraying!



  1. I pulled out my Misto from deep in my cabinet now that I know why it never sprayed well. I will be using it on the new grill/griddle that I bought after your last post.

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