Month: January 2015

Super Bowl Curried Chicken Wings with Nut Butter Dipping Sauce

Wheat-free * Dairy-free * Gluten-free * Paleo ~~~

This being Super Bowl weekend, I would be remiss not to give you at least one recipe for your party.  So here are my Curried Chicken Wings (or any parts you like) with Nut Butter Dipping Sauce.

Let me make some other recipe suggestions from this blog, just in case you missed them (scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit “more…” for the Wings recipe):



Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup

Wheat-free * Dairy-free * Gluten-free * Vegetarian * Vegan * Parve * Paleo


I Love blizzards. When I went out shopping this afternoon the snow was coming down so hard that the flakes were more like micro-snowballs and some were even flower and star shapes.  I was so excited I stopped a stranger on Broadway and asked him to photograph my glove and email the photo to me – which you can see he did – aren’t New Yorkers the greatest people on earth??? (okay I am biased on that subject).  I was so amazed by these flakes I stopped several people on the street and in Zabar’s to show them. They probably thought I was a nut, but they all praised my flakes and enthusiasm…and then they (the flakes) melted and that was that.

20150126_134451  20150126_134451-002

By 6 when I walked Bella the snow had tapered off to almost nothing I was thinking this is going to end up a dud blizzard  : (  But here it is 1a.m. and I’m giving Bella her last walk of the day and it’s snowing pretty hard : )

Bella Bleu Cheese

Bella Bleu Cheese

The last blizzard we had I sat in my living room reading three Twilight books (it snowed for 3 days and I read one book each day).  It was pure heaven.

In addition to marathon reading, I love to make soup when it’s snowing.  BP (before Paleo) I would make hearty bean soups – split pea or lentil, now I make hearty vegetable soups.  This one is pretty simple and straight forward and delicious.  Everyone who has tasted it has asked for the recipe.  If you have a cabbage in your refrigerator, you probably also have everything else you need to make this soup without having to go to the store.

Here’s hoping I’ll wake up tomorrow to a winter wonderland.  Happy Snow Day!

I Love My Misto – You Should Have One…or Two!


The Duane-Reade a block away from my apartment closed recently and during the last few days had great sales on stuff they wanted to unload.  That is why I actually bought my Mistos.  They were on sales for $1.19 each.  Who could resist?  At worst I could give them as house gifts (thereby violating my rule about never giving gifts the receiver has to keep).  The deal was so great I bought FOUR!  So now you know a little more about my character…I can’t resist a good sale.

Fast forward a few weeks.  I’m busy in the kitchen and am about to reach for olive oil Pam when I remember I had this new gadget to try.  I take my “good” olive oil and fill the sprayer – I press the sprayer and…Nothing!  I’m a little perplexed, is this a total dud?  Did I waste my $4.76?  Now I’m forced to read the instructions (something I rarely do).  It says “pump top cap until firm.”   Huh???


I put the cap on and start pushing  1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8..  I get it.  It doesn’t want to be pushed anymore.  Now I take off the cap and press the sprayer – WOW a really fine mist comes out (wish I had a better camera so you could see it better).


It settles evenly on my baking sheet.  That was easy.

But the question remains was it really worth buying?  I did have Pam why bother with an extra gadget?  Here are the really BIG reasons.

1.  It doesn’t use any chemicals.  I really dislike the smell of aerosoled oil and it always makes me wonder what bad stuff gets in the food (maybe none or maybe – who knows).

2.  You are in control of the quality and type of oil (or vinegar or whatever you want to spray).  I don’t imagine that the corporations that makes aerosol sprays use extra virgin olive oil… I would guess they use olive oil from the second or third pressings.

3.  It’s eco-friendly.

Here are some of the uses I’ve found for it (and I’m sure I will find more uses as I have it longer).

CIMG0287  CIMG9497

Perfect for a light salad dressing – and here is where two Mistos are genius…one for oil and one for vinegar.  4 sprays oil; 8 sprays wine vinegar – excellent!

IMG_5527-001  IMG_0698

Perfect for broiling or roasting potatoes or vegetables…spray the pan or foil, spray the veges.

CIMG1746     058

Perfect to spray the Griddler (post 2 weeks ago) or waffle iron to ensure nothing sticks

CIMG7312  IMG_6188

Perfect for low fat sauteeing.

You can buy the Misto probably anywhere and certainly on Amazon.  I think it’s around $10 and it now comes in very sexy colors.  You can check it out at

Happy Spraying!


Paleo Breakfast

I gave up making New Year’s resolutions many years ago because, let’s be honest, by mid January I would have already abandoned all my resolutions and would be left with severe disappointment in myself.  So why talk about them now?  Well many of my friends, who have not yet figured out the futility of resolutions, are considering trying the Paleo lifestyle and have come to me to talk about it.  The first question is always “what can you eat?”   The second or third question is usually “But what can I eat for breakfast?”  It seems everyone I know eats either oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast and my response “bacon and eggs” is a little horrifying to them.

The standard line about breakfast from many of the Paleo gurus is:  breakfast is just another meal, you can have the same thing as you have at any other meal.  They go on to suggest just having leftovers from the previous night’s dinner.  But I get that breakfast is a special meal and you want “breakfast” food.  For me that translates into “eggs any style” frequently with a side of bacon, sausage, or ham and sometimes home fried potatoes or grilled tomatoes.  What has changed about breakfast is I usually include a salad, it adds a certain healthy (or maybe just less unhealthy) feeling to the meal.  Of course there is always coffee – though learning to drink coffee black with no sweetener was probably the hardest part of going Paleo.

So here’s my New Year’s resolution:  I will create more Paleo breakfast dishes this year so when someone asks me what they can eat I will have an acceptable answer – right on the tip of my tongue.  Here are some of the recipes I’ve already posted that are excellent choices for Paleo breakfast.  Enjoy!