Ruffoni – the Best Gift Ever

 Okay, perhaps there are better gifts than Ruffoni pots (especially if you don’t like to cook) … a Rolls Royce, a boat, an apartment (or house), a trip around the world…you get the idea.  But the best gift I ever received was my Ruffoni pot.

 For my 65th birthday (yes, I’m that old!) my friends Lorraine and Pete gave me the Ruffoni braiser.  I was so excited I could barely contain myself.  It’s so beautiful that the photo does not do it justice.  But after a week of using it as a centerpiece on my dining room table I realized that practically speaking it’s really a waste to use such a quality pot as an ornament when it should be in the kitchen being used.
So, I traded in my beloved braiser for the much more practical 3 1/2 quart pot


Let me tell you – this pot cooks like a dream!  It cooks evenly and cleans up with just a simple soak and once over with a soapy sponge.
Though I am madly in love with my pot – it would be unfair to not mention the drawbacks.  The beautiful top is a little awkward to lift, although Ruffoni does offer a more traditional one to replace it with
And – did I mention the price?
The set goes for close to $1,300; the braiser is close to $500; and my 3 1/3 quart pot is around $350.
So when I’m talking gift, I mean BIG gift.  Certainly amazing for a holiday gift, but also, keep it in mind for those special occasions that warrant BIG gifts – like weddings.  Anyone who receives a Ruffoni, in addition to being thrilled, will think of you every time they use it – and thank you over and over.
In addition to the hammered stainless steel Ruffoni makes another less ornate line and lots of copper pots.  You can check them out in person at Williams Sonoma.
BTW I still use my Ruffoni as an ornament, but it sits proudly on one of my burners so I have it on hand whenever I want to cook something.
And, perhaps you might want to put one on your gift list to yourself…after all – you’re worth it!
Happy Holiday Shopping!


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