Microwaved Artichokes

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Sorry I’m so late posting today but there have been some big things going on.  First and foremost:  Congratulation Julie and Sean on the arrival of Spenser Bernard today!

But since Spenser was born in California, and I am in New York – his arrival did not really take up too much of my time.  What has been looming largely and taking up my time is my new lifestyle.  Early in July – on July 1st to be exact – I switched to a Paleo diet (that’s the diet where you eat like a caveman).  The very short version is no grains at all (making it automatically gluten free) no dairy, no beans, and no sugar.  WOW!  Who would have thought I could ever live with such restrictions?

In fact, it’s not at all hard when I factor in all the big benefits that have occurred.  Most importantly I have so much more energy and so many less aches and pains.  I can honestly say I feel 20 years younger!  In truth, however, being a sugar-aholic (this is the first time in my life that giving up sugar was no big deal – a miracle in itself) and starch-aholic I did miss some dense carbs.  While reading up on the Paleo (Nerd Fitness, Robb Wolf, Paleo Leap), diet I found a small reference to something called the Perfect Health Diet (PHD).  Which to my intrepretation is Paleo + white rice.  That was enough to keep me totally satisfied.  The Jaminets reason that white rice is what they call a safe starch because natural toxins produced by plants for their protection is contained in the outer bran – which is removed when producing white rice.  PHD also allows white potatoes – a subject hotly debated amongst Paleos.

The reality of this diet is I find it easier (not necessarily more satisfying) to cook simply.  My meals mostly consist of a protein + a salad + a vegetable + a piece of fruit.  Boring, right?  Well, no.  Not when you vary the proteins and the veggies and the salads.  However, it does affect this blog in that I’m just not creating interesting recipes on a daily or maybe even weekly basis.  So starting next week, I will be cutting my posts down from twice a week to once a week – Tuedays only.  Hope you are okay with that.

Now to today’s “recipe” which is really not much of a recipe – Steamed Artichokes.  They were always a special treat growing up.  I think that because they required a fair bit of prep – removing the sharp thorns from each leaf, and boiling them for a fair amount of time.  But that was before microwaves – now they take very little time – and – thanks to some genetic engineering, don’t seem to have the same dangerous thorns they used to.  Enjoy this easy way to prepare artichokes.

Microwave Artichokes

If your artichoke is very large you may have to use a container larger than a 2 cup measuring cup and you will have to increase cooking time.

1 artichoke

a few tablespoons water

Dipping sauces of choice

1.  Slice off the top and bottom of the artichoke


2.  Place in a microwave safe bowl (I cook it in a 2 cup measuring cup), top up.  Add a few tablespoons of water.  Cover with wax paper and microwave on high for 3 minutes

IMG_2630  IMG_2633

3.  Turn using tongs; recover and microwave 3 to 4 minutes longer or until cooked (when a leaf comes off easily when pulled and when the bottom is soft when pierced with a fork).

IMG_2635  IMG_2636

IMG_2637  IMG_2638

4.  Remove from cup and serve with your choice of dipping sauce:  melted butter or ghee, vinaigrette, or lemon juice mixed with homemade mayonnaise.

IMG_2639  IMG_2641

Serves 1



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